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Christensen-PR-Plug Valves

Christensen-PR-Plug Valves

with a cylindrical and conical plug.
For district heating, industry and plant construction.

The company which operates a foundry of its own, develops, manufactures and markets plug valves, which are exported to more than 50 countries all over the world. Further to this range Brdr. Christensen ApS also have a small production of soft seated gate valves and basket strainers. The company is today one of the market’s leading manufacturers of plug valves which are used in connection with gas, oil, water and heating installations and also installations in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Brdr. Christensen ApS is a modern and well reputed production company which employs about 200 staff members. The company is the largest manufacturer of lubricated plug valves in Europe.

The company has everything "under one roof": research and development department, construction and pattern shop, foundry, hardening shop, machine shop, assembly and surface treatment divisions as well as complete non destructive testing facilities. The company’s object is to master the production in all stages - from raw material to final product and to be independent of sub-suppliers in order to fulfil the customers demand on quality, service and flexibility.

KÄHLER GmbH Armaturen is the only distributor for Germany.

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