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NAVALTRIM Control Valves

NAVAL (Trim) Regulierkugelhahn

NAVALTRIM Control Valves

NAVALTRIM control valves are designed for control of liquid flows in heating, cooling and air-conditioning systems. NAVALTRIM control valves can also be used as shut-off valves.


NAVALTRIM is a patented control valve, where two cross linked specially designed trim plates decrease the turbulence of the flow, improve the measuring accuracy and practically eliminate the cavitation and noise. This construction is used in sizes from DN40 up to DN300. The valve has an all-welded body and it is fitted with reinforced Teflon seals which are durable even if the valve is frequently operated, and are resistant to impurities and chemicals. The polished stainless steel ball is easy to turn and is designed to provide many years of reliable service. The blow-out proof stem is sealed with 2 O-rings. In smaller sizes the up-per one can be changed and in sizes DN65-400 both can be changed. The valve is equipped with fittings for measuring of pressure difference.
Naval ball valves are manufactured in accordance with European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EY.

Druck-/Temperturdiagramm NAVAL Regulierungskugelhahn NAVALTRIM


The unique Navaltrim construction provides a broad linear and exact control range. The flow resistance is very low in fully open position and the control plates inside the ball allow exact flow control without disturbing turbulence or cavitation. There fore the information obtained from the measuring outlet is reliable. The valve needs no servicing or lubrication and is easy to install. These features combined guarantee a long and reliable life time with low running costs. The long and circular stem housing makes the valve easy to insulate. The operating lever can be dismantled, turned 180° and reinstalled to a new position.