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Longstem Ball Valves

NAVAL Kugelhahn für Erdverlegung

NAVAL Longstem Ball Valves

Naval longstem ball valves are type tested according to the EN488 standard and fulfill the requirements of this standard.


Stem sealing at the top of the stem, upper O-rings can be changed without breaking the insulation. Stem and upper part of stem neck are of stainless steel. Single piece stem is equipped with bearings. Clear position indicator. Valves up to DN150 are operated with T-key, larger valves with portable planetary gear.

Pressure-/temperature-diagramm NAVAL longstem ball valves


  • Double sealing - two O-rings at the bottom of the stem, one changeable O-ring at the top.
  • Stem cover pipe fully of stainless steel - improved protection against corrosion, flexibility for the height of insulation on the stem.
  • Air-filled stem - less thermal dissipation.
  • Modular concept - possible to manufacture stem heights according to customer request.
  • Clear position indicator.
  • Leak tightness is acc. to EN 12266-1.
Naval longstem ball valve can be operated by following ways:
  • with a T-handle up to DN250,
  • with a portable planetary gearbox,
  • with a manual gearbox incl. bevelgear,
  • with an electrical or hydraulic actuator.

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