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Taper Plug Valve Type 9

PR Taper Plug valves low pressure type 9

PR Taper Plug Valves for low pressure Type 9

The lubricated taper plug valve group 9 is the ideal shut-off device for almost any medium, even under the most severe operating conditions. It can be used in most places where fast, trouble-free and efficient sealing is required. The design is very compact, it requires little space to install and it can be mounted in any position required. Since the only moving part is the plug, the basic operation of the valve is very simple. When the plug is turned 90°, the valve moves from closed to open position - and vice versa.


The only moving part is the plug. Each plug is produced to fit perfectly in the body. This precise adjustment and the constant lubricating film between body and stem prevents intrusion of particles inside and protect the valve for leaking and damage.
The cylindrical shape features the advantage that the plug do not can be moved easy at any time.
The plug is tapered 1:6 and is individually lapped to the valve body with very close tolerances. It incorporates Metal to Metal sealing, which means that no soft seal will be damaged by the flowing medium. As a secondary seal, the valve is provided with a lubrication system which allows feeding a special lubricant into the valve while the valve is in operation. Besides sealing, the purpose of the lubricant is to protect the internals of the valve against corrosion and wear as well as reducing the valve torque. In order to avoid seizing between plug and valve body the plug is plated with nickel after the "electroless" method. Moreover, in order to reduce friction when operating the plug is coated with P.T.F.E.

Design Concept

The plug is adjusted into the conical seat of the valve body by means of the adjusting screw and press ring.
Between the plug, cover and valve body a relatively thin flexible plate is placed to ensure an effective sealing. This plate is sealed by the gasket. Against the plug the flexible plate has partly metallic and partly soft sealing. The soft sealing material is synthetic rubber (0-ring) or P.T.F.E. with embedded spring, depending on the actual medium and temperature range of the valve.
For the sake of corrosion wrench operated valves are provided with a soft rubber weatherseal to prevent dirt, water etc. from forcing their way into the valve between the adjustable screw and the neck of the plug.

Lubrication System

One essential distinguishing feature is the lubrication system. This system is an important element of the construction and meet safe and durable its function for proper use and tightening the valve inside and to the outside.
The plug valve can be lubricated at any time and riskless in operation from outside. The lubrication system has also other excellent properties, which are not reached from other sealing systems (metal/metal or soft sealings):

  • No corrosion and erosion at the sealing surface.
  • No metal/metal contact and smooth-acting control even after long periods of service interruption.
  • Insensetive against particles.
  • No need for repairing the sealing surfaces - no need to disassemble the valve.
  • Flexible and easy movable sitting in the body.
  • Heat resistant up to + 250°C.
  • Abslute safe sealing over decades without disruption.

Suitable for

  • Petroleum derivates
  • Gases
  • Chemicals
  • Water

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